Friday, January 10, 2014

Love Birds

I mean....I love birds.  I am actually having a small obsession with them right now.  It's funny how things come around in life.  My mom use to have bird decorations in our house on Locksley Lane; quails, owl bookends, plates.....we even had a parakeet named Sparky that sat in the kitchen for awhile. Although we found him in the yard and adopted him, he wasn't really a chosen decoration. My Italian Grandma also loved birds and had a large marble owl that sat on this huge marble stand in her formal dining room. It kind of spooked me a bit back then, but now I can see the beauty of it. I never really gave bird decor much thought until recently.  Now, I love them as accessories and decorations.  They make the house feel warm and inviting.  It also adds a bit of sophistication to your spaces.

Look at this beautiful dresser from Tweak and Style.  Follow this link and Debbie will walk you through how she did this step by step.  She is a talented artist!  She also has great ideas on her blog and will certainly inspire you so check out the rest of her blog too.  

These adorable bird accents above can be found at Joss and Main. I  love the bird jar tops.  

Look at the fabulous bird cage and clock above.  I do not know where this originated from but think it is just beautiful.

These are random bird pictures from Pinterest that I put together because of my new obsession.  I'm slowly starting to make some new bird purchases.  I will keep you posted.  Do you have bird decor in your house?  Send me a picture.  I'd love to see!  

Have a great day!