Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bless Your Heart

Charleston, SC is truly a charming city.  When I found out we were moving to Charleston several years ago, all I could think about was Gone With The Wind and how fun it would be to live there (It's one of my favorite movies of all time).  One of my BFF's teased me about moving to "Tara".  I imagined the quaintness of the city, the beautiful wrap around porches and gardens and the grace and elegance of the southern way.  I couldn't wait to be surrounded by that "southern charm".  Years later, I'm happy to say that the city hasn't disappointed my expectations.
Rainbow Row, a famous street in Charleston, is a spectacular array of colors and warmth of the south.

You find doors and shutters in all different colors.
Wrap around porches that just keep wrapping.
Beautiful iron and wood detail is found everywhere.
Horse drawn carriages still stroll through the streets. (Yep, mom and dad enjoying the city).

And yes, those beautiful plantations with their spanish moss hanging from the trees and fabulous entrances leading up to the southern home - exist! This is a plantation that part of Gone With The Wind was modeled after.  Right around the corner from me :)
As much of the history of Charleston is preserved, the manners of the South still very much exist here. There is a gentleness that you feel from the locals.  The city beats to a slower pace than larger metropolitan cities. The South still lives under a different cultural standard too. You hear yes ma'am and yes sir all the time.  And while its true that Southerners say harsh and unpleasant words at times, they still insist that it be done with grace and manners or in some way, with charm.  Southerners express these harsh thoughts with a twist of sympathy.  They tack on the words, "bless her/your heart."  For instance, if women are talking about another woman, they'll say "She has the ugliest haircut and her outfit was just awful.......bless her heart."

My dad, being part of the Northern Aggression (what Southerner's like to call the Civil War) thinks this is hilarious.  Now, after visiting Charleston multiple times, if he doesn't like something or has a differing opinion than yours, he'll gladly tell you what it is and then tack on...."bless your heart."   Maybe the South has it right.  Say what you really think but add blessings along with it.

I hope you have a great day and remember when you have something harsh to say to someone, just add "bless your heart" at the end of it.  It might just somehow make you feel better about it. :)

Have a great day.  It's sunny and 78 here in Charleston.  Not a cloud in the sky.....