Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Painting Is Not For Me

When I tell people that I refinish furniture, some people are genuinely interested and want to find out more about it and some people are like nope, not for me.  They say that's all well and good but they can't stand painting and don't have the patience for it.  I get it....totally. Not everyone is meant to be a painter or a refinisher of furniture.  Not everyone likes re-doing things. But don't let that stop you from creating a piece of furniture that you love. There are a ton of people that love to do this.  All you have to do is google a chalk painter or furniture restoration in your area and you will be amazed at what is out there.  I say chalk painter, because usually, they are a little more reasonable than those that do total furniture restoration.  Before you give away Aunt Betty's dresser....give it another look.  Can you use it in another way or another room?  I see dressers in living rooms, armoires in the hallway and refinished pieces everywhere.  The point, is to keep something that has meaning to it and make it into something new that works for you.  I think old pieces give warmth to a house.    

You might just have a beautiful old dresser in a room that can be turned into something stunning.  Some of the older furniture is actually very well made and..... have you priced furniture lately?  
This beautiful dresser was done in an off white with a beautiful black glaze by Deana at Alchemy Fine Living.  She is super talented.  Check out her blog to see all the beautiful things she does.  You can do this or....find someone who can do it for you. :)

There's nothing like a piece of furniture from the family that gets recreated to fit into your life today.  Look there a piece of furniture in your house that is saying....."paint me"?

Hope you are having a great week.