Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paper Lining A Drawer - Tutorial

 Lining the inside of a drawer is super easy and gives your piece a nice little extra touch.
Lining your drawers is also something good to do when the drawers you have are in really bad shape.
You will need some pretty paper - enough to cover the inside of your drawers.  Both Hobby Lobby and Michaels have great paper choices.  A good adhesive spray, scissors and either a board or paper to spray against.

Lay out your sheets so you know how many you will need and how they will fit.  The papers have repeating patterns so you can line them up and the drawer will look like it has one paper flow to it.

Turn your paper over and spray "the wrong side" covering the entire backside of paper. Then lay the paper down into your drawer.  Smooth the paper with your hands so there are no air bubbles.  Now, be careful with your next piece of paper.  Do not lay it down over the wet adhesive that you just sprayed.  You will ruin the front side of your new piece paper.  Make sure you are laying down where it is dry.  Do this until you have lined the entire length of your drawer.
Doesn't that look pretty?  Just a little extra touch.  I don't do this for all of my drawers, but if they are in bad shape I'll add a touch of paper.

Let me know if you have questions.

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