Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sausage and Kale Pasta

The girls and I were sitting around the other night when they both looked at me and asked...."what's for dinner?" With the boys gone, I was thinking that maybe I didn't have to cook.... :)   I knew that I didn't have much in the house and thought we'd have to order out. Then I spotted a few things I knew would make a meal in minutes.

Here is another "go to" pasta dish when you need something quick.  It is super easy and literally takes about 20 mins from start to finish.

Start a pot of water to boil your pasta and add a tsp of salt.  In a large pan brown a package of ground sausage.  Add a large 28 oz can of Hunts diced tomatoes to the sausage. (I buy two of these every week.  It's a great staple and allows you to make a meal in minutes).
Add a cup of white wine and a couple of big handfuls of kale to your pan.  Stir this so the kale starts to wilt.  Add a little bit of red pepper flakes and a dash of garlic salt.  Once your pasta is almost done,  take a cup of the pasta water out and put it in the kale mixture. Let this simmer for a few minutes.
Strain your pasta and add to the pan.  Toss.
Serve with a good grated cheese and a side salad.  Perfect for a quick meal.


1 package of thin spaghetti
1 package of ground sausage (i used hot)
1 28 oz can of Hunts diced tomatoes
1 cup of white wine
2 cups of kale
1 cup of pasta water
Red pepper flakes
Garlic salt
Grated cheese

So good and easy to reheat the next day.  Why order out?

Happy Tuesday!