Friday, June 20, 2014

Mixing Vintage With Modern

...and getting a little help from One King's Lane.

All of the furniture and accessories you bring into your house is what makes your house truly... your home.  Using different styles of furniture, colors and patterns is what makes your home unique. More than anything, I want our home to feel warm and comfortable and to be reflective of who we are as a family. In order to do this I mix both vintage and modern pieces together. I have a fairly modern home with high ceilings, large half moon windows and arched entryways. Even so, I have found it easy to weave vintage items throughout.
The table above is the first table my husband and I purchased as newlyweds some 25 years ago. Not being able to part with its sentiment, I put two cain chairs at each end to keep it fresh and mix it up. I like the idea of mixing and matching. An original magnolia water color by "Patricia", simple mirror, antique hutch and rug anchor the room.  Each of the items found in this room are treasures from different parts of our family. The cane chairs were painted an off white and the cushions were done in a new modern zebra fabric.
The table top is decorated with an old olive jar from Italy flanked by vintage brass hurricane lanterns and my grandmother's antique custard cups with candles.
Loving vintage furniture doesn't mean your home has to look old and outdated. Quite the contrary! Much of today's modern furniture has it's roots in furniture from the past. Why not find a way to blend them both to create your own unique living spaces.  If you aren't good with blending different pieces, I encourage you to turn to the web for inspiration.
Get creative with your pieces. You don't have to use them as they were intended. This is an old vintage dresser that I use in my living room to store linens and serving pieces. I limit the accessories on top to keep things from looking overcrowded.
Out back, modern deck furniture is decorated with vintage lanterns, an old stool and a vintage writing table that both hold plants as focal points to the area.  Since its the start of summer and we live in Charleston, SC, you'll find starfish and sand dollars that I use as seasonal accents. A beautiful rug made out of recycled plastic ties all of the pieces together.
Today it's easier than ever to mix vintage and modern pieces.  And if you aren't sure how to pull it all together, I encourage you to check out places on the web that can help you.  One of my new favorite online stores is a company called One King's Lane.  They are a home resource store offering top-brands, vintage and designer items at great prices.

Not only that, they have a Home Decor Resource Guide on their site that is wonderful reference when you want to get inspired, find new items or have questions on how to pull something together.  And, they also have a Home Decor Shopping Handbook where you can look up information and articles on mirrors, rugs, headboards, dressers, outdoor furniture and more. It's like having your own personal decorator online - ready to encourage and support you.  I'm happy to say that several of my decorating ideas above fit nicely with the tips offered on their site.

One King's Lane also offers a great selection of vintage items as well.  They see decorating "as a wonderful journey that never ends".  They offer daily sales (usually they only last 72 hours so you have to be quick), their own style blog and a "downstairs" clearance section that changes each week.

I hope you give mixing vintage and modern pieces a try.  It really does add warmth and charm to any home.

Have a fabulous weekend.


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