Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nothing Like Fresh Basil....

Today I want to talk to you about my favorite thing in my house right now.......my basil plants!  If you don't have any fresh basil growing in your house or on your porch or garden then you need to drive on down to Lowes or Home Depot and grap a few small plants....today!  They are super cheap and with just one or two, you will have fresh basil all summer long.  Don't fret.  Growing basil is pretty much fail proof.  And, there is nothing in the world that tastes better than fresh basil.  Trust me.  Any dish that calls for basil will be 100 times better if you use fresh basil from your own pot. You'll feel like you are really something with this little plant in your house.

All you need is a warm sunny climate, a basil plant in a pot and water.  Basil needs about 6 hours of sunlight and the soil needs to stay moist. So water a little bit every day.  Pinch off the center of your stalks once they are about six inches in height to promote more growth.  It's that easy.  You might have to transfer to bigger pots as it grows or if you are up north, you can plant this right in your yard.

What can you do with basil that you need a plant?  OMG..for summer dishes this is the best herb around.  First and foremost, this will change your homemade momma ferraro's sauce from great....to fabulous!
All of your fresh pasta dishes are going to taste like "momma" made them.
A side of basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and balsamic vinaigrette is going to go from plain jane to super yummy.
 You won't be able to stop eating fresh bruschetta....
 And if you want to really wow the table, you might make your own pesto.
I also make a great watermelon smoothie with fresh basil that is a great tummy blaster! (I'll share that another day) There's nothing like it.  I pulled some of these pictures off of Pinterest to give you an idea of all the great things you can do with basil....and this is just the start!

So go get yourself a couple of little basil plants and have your own fresh basil all summer long.  I promise, you won't regret it.

Happy Tuesday!


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