Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Grey Hope Chest

One of my followers asked me to show a piece of furniture that I've done recently with dark wax.  I sense that this dark wax really has people on edge.  It's definitely a look you have to want on your piece.  Not all pieces are meant to have it.  Your piece will be beautiful with or without the dark wax.  As you can see in my video on dark wax (under tutorials), I only use the wax over a distressed area and lightly throughout the piece to add that "really worn" look.  I follow the dark wax with a 0000 grade of fine steel wool.  I don't use it across my whole piece......because I'm just not a fan of that look.  If you like that look - go ahead and do it.  Experiment with it.  It's your choice and really about what "you" like.

This was a chest I previewed earlier this week. I loved the antique finish, but over the years, the crackle began to chip and needed to be refinished. I debated about re-doing the finish but that meant stripping and honestly, I just didn't want to do that.  I decided to use a french linen which is a great color and goes with just about anything. I also used a bit of Provence in places I knew I would distress. This peeks through in a few places.  I used a clear and dark wax to finish.
Can you see where I gently use the dark wax in the details and lightly against the grain of the wood? Can you see a bit of the Provence color peeking through?
The chest also has a beautiful cedar lining inside of it and is in great shape.  Who knows, if I get tired of the french linen, I can always strip her down when the weather gets nicer and bring her natural wood back to life.  For now, I like how she turned out and love her new place in the upstairs hallway.

Let me know if you have more questions about dark wax or painting furniture in general.


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