Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Rugs Should I Buy?

When we moved to SC, I was surprised at how hard it was to find the right rug.  Patterns, colors, neutrals, orientals......the options are endless.  But after buying rugs and moving several times, I have learned my lesson.  When it comes to rugs, I want neutrals.  My best friend in CA just moved into a new place and she asked me what I thought about rugs.  I said to stay neutral and I got the hmmmmm......not sure about that - through the phone.  :)  

I have several beautiful oriental rugs, and sad to say... the colors just don't work in our new house.  If they were neutral in tone, they would be great, but sadly they are not. Neutral rugs allow you to change your furniture, your drapes and decor and they look great.  They are timeless.  They can be moved from house to house and room to room and you have instant warmth.  Maybe I'm in a neutral phase of my life, but with the cost of rugs today, I would stay neutral.  What does Pinterest say?

I love black and white and grey and think these rugs and patterns totally work.  You can change your decor and add different pops of color to both of these rooms.  What about animal prints?

I love animal prints and I love them as rugs. They allow you to change colors and add pops here and there.  They add a little spice to the room.

But I love neutral rugs. I think they allow your style to change effortlessly as they go with everything; wild colors, neutrals and bold accents. 

Neutral, seagrass and jute rugs add warmth without being distracting.  They blend in whether you use lots of color.....  

or black and white.

So if you are asking me......I'm staying neutral with my rugs going forward.  What do you think?

Happy Wednesday!